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In partnership with the Vietnam Association for Responsible Drinking (VARD) and the Vietnamese-German University (VGU), APISWA commissioned an evaluation report for its CSR work in Vietnam (2017- 2019).

CSR programs had a positive impact on the target populations...

As part of the “Responsible Drinking and Road Safety” programme signed with Vietnam’s National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), APISWA carried out 30 activities with local partners, falling under three categories, namely (1) awareness raising campaigns, (2) capacity building and training workshops, and (3) research and dissemination seminars.

In total, 7 activities were selected for in-depth research, including 2 awareness-raising campaigns, 2 capacity building and training workshops, and 3 scientific research dissemination seminars. These activities aimed to positively influence women, students, traffic police officers, students and other stakeholders with respect to drink-driving and road safety practices.

The published report concludes that, overall, the CSR programs had a positive impact on the target populations. In particular the “Women speak up for responsible drinking” campaign improved knowledge of harmful drinking, enhanced communication skills and helped empower those women exposed to the campaign. Similarly the “Students say no to alcohol” campaign helped to instil desirable positive habits amid participating students.

APISWA and its partners welcome these findings and will build on the learnings to continue to expand CSR activities in the coming years.

As international wines and spirits producers, we aim to foster an environment where legal spirits and wines can be enjoyed responsibly in Vietnam. We believe that responsible consumption of alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle, and we are committed to fighting against harmful drinking. We acknowledge the value that a whole-of-society approach, combining the public, private and third sectors can bring in this regard.”

Wilson Del Socorro, APISWA Chairman

To access the full report, you may download it at the following links:
Media Coverage (TBA)