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Power of No

Addressing harmful drinking requires engagement by all sectors of society – governments, civil society, communities, and the private enterprise. Commitment to this shared responsibility is at the heart of the Asia Pacific International Spirits & Wines Alliance’s support for the drink drive initiative the ‘Power of No’.
The Power of No is a public awareness campaign targeting young adults across Southeast Asia. This initiative aims to save vulnerable lives, change the culture around drink driving, and normalize responsible drinking habits for youth of legal drinking age, 18-30 years old.
Power of No Website


APISWA has partnered with the Automobile Association of Vietnam (AAV) and Ores to launch this campaign in 7 ASEAN markets, since February 2022.


APISWA has partnered with an international network of partners representing 28 government, NGO, private, and community organizations, across the 7 markets in Southeast Asia. These stakeholders’ support were key in educating youths of drinking age on the dangers of drink driving and harmful consumption of alcohol.

‘Power of No’ Regional Drink Driving Campaign – Impact Video

As the Power of No campaign is a pilot demonstration for how social media can be harnessed to reduce drink driving, we have prepared impact videos on the campaign design and reach.
Our initial targeted reach was to spread awareness to 10 million people with messages of the risks of drink driving’s and empowerment to say no. We have since surpassed this number across 3 phases of the Power of No campaign.

Evaluation Report

In late 2023, an independent evaluation of the campaign and its impact was conducted by Social Terrain, experts in monitoring and evaluation, using technology and social media. It was conducted in the target countries through online surveys and focus groups. The findings, elaborated in a comprehensive report, will help to inform the future direction of the Power of No and broader engagement around drink driving.

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Campaign Visuals