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Alcohol In Society

As a responsible industry, APISWA members recognise that we have a responsibility towards society and a role to play in contributing towards reducing harmful use of alcohol and changing harmful drinking behaviours.

APISWA acknowledges the value a whole-of-society approach can bring in combatting harmful drinking and are committed to working in partnership with the authorities and civil society to implement initiatives to tackle alcohol misuse.

APISWA supports the adoption of a legal purchasing age (LPA) across all the markets in which we operate, and our members have adopted self-regulating codes of practice for the responsible marketing of their products.

We believe road safety is a shared responsibility and are committed to reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by alcohol.

As eCommerce growth accelerates, APISWA supports efforts to enhance safeguards to prevent the sale and access of alcohol to people below the legal drinking age and combat harmful drinking.