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Protection of Minors

APISWA supports the adoption of a legal purchasing age (LPA) across all the markets in which we operate, and our members have adopted self-regulating codes of practice for the responsible marketing of their products.

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January 26, 2023

Legal Purchasing Age (LPA) Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Session held in Cambodia

Earlier this month, APISWA participated in a multi-stakeholder dialogue co-organized by the Cambodian Safety Solution Organization (CAMSAFE) and the Asian…
Protection of MinorsResponsibility
August 19, 2022

Smashed Programme

As part of the industry’s ongoing CSR efforts, APISWA has funded the Smashed Project since 2015. Smashed is a theatre…
APISWA ReportsProtection of MinorsResponsibilityResponsible DrinkingResponsible E-commerce
February 17, 2017

Cambodia Responsible Alcohol Marketing & Communication Code of Conduct

In 2017, a Marketing Code of Conduct was signed between the Asia Pacific International Spirits & Wines Alliance (APISWA), and…