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Our Views

As the voice of international wine and spirits producers in Asia Pacific, APISWA plays a critical role in building trust between the industry and the public sector through dialogue and the development of evidence-based policies across a diverse range of areas including taxation, illicit trade and sustainability. See below to learn more.

Steeped in heritage and tradition, APISWA members employ thousands of people to craft their products at hundreds of locations across the world.

APISWA is committed to working with stakeholders to raise awareness of the detrimental impacts of illicit and unrecorded alcohol.

APISWA works to promote a taxation environment that is fair and equitable, does not discriminate against provenance or types of alcohol and reduces the economic incentives that allow informal markets to flourish. We partner with stakeholders across the region to advance balanced tax systems that generate important revenue for governments while not overburdening consumers or stifling economic growth.

APISWA members have set sustainability strategies that reflect their commitment to protect the environment and advance environmental sustainability along the entire value chain.

APISWA supports a strong and vibrant travel, tourism and hospitality sector that creates thousands of jobs, generates revenue and plays a significant role in economic development.