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APISWA Organises First Online Liquor Sales Forum with South Korea’s National Assembly

By November 10, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments

South Korea, 10 November 2023 – APISWA co-hosted a discussion forum on Nov. 10 at the National Assembly, the legislative body of South Korea, together with the ruling party congressman Choi Seung-jae. The forum was supported by local members (Diageo Korea, Pernod Ricard Korea, Moet Hennessy Korea), with the Scotch Whisky Association Chief Executive Mark Kent CMG present as a speaker covering the UK’s eCommerce landscape and how eCommerce helps small-scale distillers, together with a video presentation from the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD).

A consumer survey was also presented by a research agency to highlight that the majority of Korean adult consumers want further deregulation in the liquor e-commerce scene. Specifically, the survey conducted by Embrain targeting consumers aged 20-49 who consume alcoholic beverages at least once a month, showed that 51% of them feel the need for relaxation in online alcohol sales. Particularly, if measures are taken to address concerns such as the possibility of underage purchase of alcohol and increased alcohol consumption due to ease of purchase, the support for regulatory relaxation increases to 68%. Presentations were also made by the leading smart-order (‘click & collect’ app operator) Daily Shot and the National Assembly think tank ‘National Assembly Research Service’.

Following presentation, a panel discussion was presided over by Professor Kim Sung Soo with panellists from the Fair Trade Commission, National Tax Service (NTS), South Korea’s first whisky distiller ‘Three Societies’, the Korea Online Shopping Association (KOLSA) and the Gyeonggi Merchant Association (GGMA). Whilst the debate provided differing views on eCommerce deregulation, there was a consensus, even amongst those who had concerns, that deregulation would be possible in Korea.

There was overall strong attendance at the forum with close to 90 pax, comprising of notable stakeholders such as KALIA, KWSIA, ECCK, BCCK, OB, Golden Blue, Heineken, British Embassy, key local sectorial associations such as the wholesalers association, in addition to those who spoke on the panel or presented during the forum.  A press release was also distributed on the event date, earning positive media coverage in local outlets that were mainly positive or neutral in tone, with a full report available separately.

This forum contributes important momentum to re-ignite media and government engagement on the eCommerce topic and forms a key stepping stone to further follow-up discussions with key stakeholders. Our key sponsor National Assemblyman Choi Seung-jae, provided positive feedback and is keen to engage further. Daily Shot CEO was also interested in exploring further the APISWA training, which affords an opportunity to explore the introduction of 2 key safeguards – age-gating and responsible drinking messaging – onto his platform as a test case for other smart-order operators.

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