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On 8 April 2022, APISWA, together with the EuroCham Vietnam, Wine & Spirits Sector Committee (WSSC) organized a tax modelling workshop based on the recent report published by the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), inviting key government stakeholders from the Ministry of Finance, the National Assembly Economic Committee, the Vietnam Beer, Alcohol and Beverage Association (VBA) to attend and be included in the open discussions during the workshop, on issues relating to the current excise tax policy for alcoholic beverages in Vietnam.

invited economic experts to provide their insights and comments on the key findings

Speakers at the workshop included Mr. Nguyễn Hoa Cương, Deputy Director of CIEM; Ms. Lisa Banks, Head of Trade and Investment, British Embassy in Vietnam and; Mr. Ludovic Ledru, Co-Chairman of the WSSC. Dr. Đặng Thị Thu Hoài, Director of the Department of Sector and Sectoral Economic Research, CIEM, presented on the key research findings and recommendations on the special consumption tax (SCT) policy for the alcoholic beverage industry in Vietnam and invited economic experts to provide their insights and comments on the key findings, along with calls for suggestions from Ministries, experts, businesses and associations. 

Following the event, the tax modelling workshop was covered widely covered in the media, totally 35 media reports, including 1 TV report, 2 TV short documents, 1 online interview, 1 print interview and 30 online news reports.