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In a joint effort, APISWA and the Singapore Alliance for Responsible Drinking (SARD) launched #HowMuchIsTooMuch, which was designed to promote responsible drinking through education. The campaign targeted young adults in particular, using interactive quizzes to test participants’ knowledge about Singapore’s national drinking guidelines. The campaign first questioned the participants on their understanding of ‘binge drinking,’ which was followed by an external online training course encouraging participants to learn more about responsible drinking.

How would you stop your friend from binge drinking on your next night out?

To further engage the public and encourage interaction, the campaign asked participants on how they would best respond to the question, “How would you stop your friend from binge drinking on your next night out?” After deliberation by a joint panel, the most creative entry won the prize, which came in the form of dining vouchers for world-class restaurants in Singapore. The prizes were designed to maximise participation and stimulate creativity, thus amplifying the value of the education campaign.

By advertising across multiple social media platforms, the #HowMuchIsTooMuch campaign has successfully reached over 500,000 internet users, resulting in more than 6,500 visits to the campaign website.