Together in Spirits – Singapore

In collaboration with Eurocham Wine & Spirits Committee, APISWA teamed up with 19 local bars and restaurants to provide 2,000 free meals to on-trade employees. These meals were delivered to the employees’ homes, or else made available for pick-up. This campaign was designed to support local businesses, while also giving something back to the food and beverage community during difficult times for the sector.

In addition to providing this practical support to workers, the Together in Spirits project also highlighted the important role that the industry’s frontline workers have been playing: a role which will be crucial during the reopening of bars and restaurants in the post-Covid era.

To further support front-line workers during the lockdown, APISWA teamed up with a local social services agency, Montford Care, to provide free mental health counselling to those who need it. The Together in Spirits project provided practical support to workers and their families during the lockdown, showing solidarity with the groups which have been hit hardest by Covid-19, and the groups which will play a key role in the economic recovery.

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RD@Home – Thailand

APISWA collaborated with the local Thai Alcohol Beverage Business Association (TABBA) and the Thai Foundation for Responsible Drinking (TFRD) in order to support local guidelines for social distancing and to promote responsible consumption during Covid. Together, they developed a campaign that highlighted helpful tips for people looking to do fun activities while drinking responsibly at home.

At the peak of Covid-19 lockdowns, APISWA partnered with seven influential comedy and lifestyle Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. This allowed them to engage with people across all generations in Thailand. The campaign was successful due to the effective use of influencer marketing an gained considerable traction with its audiences thanks to the humorous angle and content, which provided a welcome relief from the stress and seriousness of Covid lockdowns. Traction was also boosted through well-placed media op-eds and news articles.

The RD@Home campaign aimed to emphasize the industry’s stance and commitment to encouraging people to consume safely and responsibly at home instead of congregating in less safe outdoor areas. It also helped to effectively respond to negative media messaging which suggested that alcohol consumption was directly contributing to COVID-19 transmission.

Distribution of PPE to on-trade businesses

To protect front-line workers and the on-trade community during the reopening of the local economy, APISWA partnered with EuroCham Malaysia Wine & Spirits Committee to distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to local bars and restaurants.

Together, they distributed alcohol hand sanitiser, face masks and gloves to businesses operating in the on-trade industry. This helped to ensure the safety of staff – as well as customers – at a time when restrictions were gradually being eased, thus aiding the reopening process and assisting with the broader economic revival.

In line with the Standard Operating Procedures set out by the Malaysian authorities, APISWA hoped to mitigate some of the initial costs in restarting business operations as front-line workers and customers familiarized themselves with the new safety guidelines and worked to put them into practice. APISWA ultimately activated several additional partners and established a network of wholesalers that supported an initiative which has aided small businesses throughout the country. Overall, the campaign managed to supply PPE to more than 500 outlets across Kuala Lumpur, as well as in northern and southern Malaysia.

ABAPI Launches Responsible Consumption Campaign

In March 2021, the Alcoholic Beverages Alliance of the Philippines (ABAPI), inclusive of APISWA members Brown-Forman, Diageo, Moët Hennessy, and Pernod Ricard, launched a social media campaign to promote responsible drinking and encourage consumers to stay home during lockdowns. 

The campaign also highlighted other responsible consumption messages:

  1. Don’t drink and drive
  2. Pacing by having water in between alcoholic beverages
  3. Eating before drinking to reduce blood-alcohol levels from peaking too fast
  4. Highlighting the legal drinking and purchasing age of 18 years old.

Check out the full campaign on ABAPI’s Facebook page

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